What Can You Expect As A New Client With Starfish Computer?

Welcome to the family! As a new client with us, you can expect the onboarding process to be lengthy, maybe complex - but effortless. We will cover all the bases to ensure we know your network inside and out. Here is what our process looks like for new clients! 

The First Step Is To Let Us Check Your Network

As mentioned above, we want to know your network inside and out to provide you with the correct information. The first step is using our tools to provide information about your network. We then digest all the information and put together recommended steps to get you to the ideal level of protection for your business. 

From Here, Our Partnership Begins Through Inspections And Connections

After a thorough look at your system, we will send our team to check each one of your locations. We will inspect your hardware and ensure your connections match precisely as we have them diagrammed. From this point, our partnership will genuinely start to take shape. 

If the connections do not match up, we'll make the changes on our end to truly see where we start from. We will also talk to your vendors and manufacturers to ensure if an issue comes up, we can speak to them on your behalf. 

We want to ensure everyone has the required setup, whether your employees are in the office, remote, or a hybrid mix of both. We will take an inventory of your employees' hardware, software, programs, users, and location. 

Finally, we will only bring you into the office if we need a signature for a document or if we need to discuss financial information about your contract. We want to ensure your foundation is vital so we can make things stronger! We have been doing this process for many clients over the last few decades. 

Learn More About Becoming One Of Our Clients

If you're looking for a reliable company that will protect your entire database with premium cyber security measures, call us at 440-808-0468 or click here

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