Total Edge Security Setup

This is the implementation of the more advanced mechanisms and services available to you when working with Starfish Computer. Our Network Security offering includes SSPTM, Starfish Security ProtectionTM, and appliances that are configured to specific customer needs. In addition, the application of advanced security settings gives our customers even more in the way of network protection. These advanced capabilities better protect the computers within your network, even in the event a user is determined to go somewhere they should not.

Advanced Persistent Threat Protection unmasks hidden threats before they strike. Data Loss Prevention is designed to protect your most sensitive asset (data) from compromise. Anti-Virus/Malware defense powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-Factor Authentication, also known as MFA or 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) helps defend organizations against data breaches by making security easy and effective. It is a combination of verifying users’ identities with two-factor authentication, making them trusted users on trusted devices for all applications.  For example, in the event a corporate password is known through reusing of that password on a compromised system, login access will not be allowed without physical access to the user’s mobile/key fob device to approve the login request. Most corporate networks are moving to MFA to help mitigate security breaches.

Microsoft 365 Geolocation Blocking

Geolocation Blocking is a common security practice used on firewalls to prevent any unapproved connections based on country of origin. As more services move to the cloud, firewalls no longer have the control to prevent logins from unknown countries that are targeting businesses. With the addition of Microsoft’s Business Premium licensing, we have added the ability to apply geolocation blocking for all login attempts on our clients’ private Microsoft 365 tenants to only countries that are specifically allowed. If you and your staff will never travel beyond North America, why leave the door open to everyone else?

Security Awareness Training (SAT)  

Top cybersecurity concerns among security professionals are malware, ransomware, and phishing scams. User and employee behavior top the list of major concerns for business owners. 95% of security breaches involve an element of human error. In addition to formal employee training on security awareness, Starfish Computer also offers a practical application training system. The system will send spoofed emails to your users, track who clicks the links in them, and take them to training showing some tips and tricks to avoid spoofed or malicious content. The results are also tracked in a report easy for viewing by management. Companies that utilize security awareness training see an average improvement rate of 64% in user-based security issues.


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