What Are The Most Common Cyber Security Attacks?

New cyber security threats are pouring out as the world keeps evolving as technology continues to thrive. Having the proper protection for your business will ensure that your information is safe along with the information of your clients or customers. What are the most common cyber security threats happening today?

Some Of The Most Common Cyber Security Threats 

In today's modern culture, cyber security threats have evolved into getting your information and getting it in ways you never thought would be possible. When a cyber-attack happens, they usually go for your money, shut down your company, or steal your identity. Phishing is a newer way for criminals to take your information without you realizing it. 


Phishing occurs when an attacker, posing as a trusted entity, tricks the victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message that contains sensitive information. Phishing attacks often steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers. 

Attackers will also use the same domain or username of your website to get your clients to give them their sensitive information through Google. Things are getting worse, and the target of these attacks is mainly the users. 

Appliances And More 

Cyber security threats are not only on your phone but also on home appliances, machines, computers, and more. Anyone around the world can breach any unprotected network or connection. Digital protection is needed now more than ever, and we can help

Discover More About Cyber Security Threats

Starfish computer is here to ensure all your networks are protected from anyone across the globe. Click here to contact us or the video above to learn more about common cyber security attacks.

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