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Benefits of Choosing Starfish Computer

The biggest benefit we offer to IT Managers is common resources. This means you'll have someone from the Starfish Computer team to work with that has the technical knowledge and level of experience that you do.

We are an extension of your IT branch, we don't work for you we work with you. Whenever you need to have a conversion about refreshing an environment, implementing new software, or whatever the case is, we're going to take your lead.

We are available when you need us to complete a task on the back end or when you just need us as an extra pair of hands, like setting up computers, for example, we will be there.

The team at Starfish Computer is here to provide you with what you need and the additional resources you need to get from where you are to where you're going. We do all of this under your lead because it's your company and your network. We have the expertise to help and you have the knowledge to provide the direction necessary for us to help you get the job done.

We can even help you present information to your C-Suite Executives who might not understand the technical speak. We use pictorial diagrams of what your network looks like, how things will interact and connect, and make sense of the complexities with visual checkpoints.


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